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Barbie Cape

Barbie Cape is fun to match up with various ball gowns


Barbie Cape

Wouldn't your Barbie love a fancy cape to wear with one of her ball gowns? This Barbie cape with faux fur trim reminds most people of Beauty and the Beast and the one Belle wore. This cape is a panne' velvety material and fully lined in satin with the trim hot glued to the edges. It is glued, but it's done in such a way as to not be able to see the glue. That way, the cape should hold up under any kind of wear. There are satin ribbon ties at the neck. This Barbie cape would look great with any of the evening gowns I have available and is available in several colors.

Why not pair up the Barbie Cape-Faux Fur trim with Barbie princess gown like Belle's which looks a lot like the one that Belle wore when she played in the snow with the Beast.

Pictured with this purple cape is a pink ruffle neck gown which was just ordered recently by a customer. A very striking combination especially for that special little girl (or big girl) who loves pink and purple. Shades of purple can and will vary depending on the fabric I can get. Shopping for Barbie clothes fabric is challenging and sometimes I have to buy whatever is available.

My newest color is light blue which would make Barbie really look like a winter princess wearing a cape like that! Order her a satin gown made from light blue satin and she would be the talk of the Winter Ball.


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