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Handmade Wooden Doll Clothes Rack

Handmade wooden rack for Barbie or other doll clothes

$30.00 (this item includes shipping/handling)

This item is SOLD OUT right now and I am not sure when I will have more

Handmade Wooden Doll Clothes RackNOTE: Due to the death of my woodworker's wife recently, he is very backed up with regular size furniture orders. I will make the item available as soon as he is able to make me some more. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I was very fortunate to find a local woodworker named Ralph Jones, who made me several of these wooden clothes racks for my Barbie doll clothes displays at craft shows. They would be the perfect organizer for your Barbie clothes or even your Bratz clothes, so I thought I would offer them for sale on my website. You could hang up your Ken doll clothes by pinning them to the hangers.

The clothes rack stands 16 inches tall and comes with a one-quarter inch dowel rod that is 12 inches long and fits between the two ends. It will be shipped to you unassembled so that nothing will happen to it in transit. But it's very easy to assemble with its slot and groove construction.

Ralph makes these doll clothes racks from plywood and is leaving them unfinished so that you can paint or stain them to your own taste or decor. Be sure that if you do stain them, you don't forget to sand in between coats. Watch so that you don't get stain in the grooves or you may not get it back together again. Probably the best thing when staining or painting your Barbie clothes rack would be to assemble it, then paint or stain it. Most likely you will leave yours assembled as a doll clothes display rack, but if you plan to take it apart much, you'll want it to come apart easily.

To start you off, I'm including 10 chenille stem hangers that my Mom makes for me. I used to use these when I did craft shows--for smaller doll clothes such as Bratz they work great--sometimes I used small safety pins to attach the clothes. See the check boxes to order extra hangers. These are available only in white right now as pictured. Chenille stem is the crafter name for what some people would call pipe cleaners.

NOTE: This rack is heavier than Barbie clothes and ships separately so the price shown INCLUDES shipping/handling. If you order this rack along with doll clothes, it will ship separately. This prevents it from squashing the doll clothes.

When you order: type yes or no for the 10 included hangers, then check a box if you want more hangers. Click "buy now" and when you get to the cart, you'll have to choose a shipping method. If the rack is the only thing you're buying, I will refund you the excess shipping amount if you paid with PayPal or I will just not charge you the extra that comes up.

This handmade wooden doll clothes rack is also perfect for anyone who does craft shows like I used to. Not only can you use it for displaying Barbie doll clothes, but you could also use it for jewelry or other small hanging object such as hair accessories. The possibilities are endless! I even tested and these doll clothes racks would work for American Girl doll clothes as well, preferably short dresses or tops though due to the length.

HOWEVER, PLEASE NOTE: If you purchase this to use for American Girl clothes, the hangers I described here won't do you any good because they are tiny, only about 2 inches long. So if you have no use for the hangers, please just type "no" in the box asking you if you want them. The 10 free hangers are Barbie size. If you need American Girl size hangers, you will need to purchase them but I do have some for sale, just email me.


For now I have removed the Buy button or any options associated with this doll clothes rack. I hope to have some more very soon.